Tal Eshed

Tal Eshed born in 1976
lives and works in New York and Tel Aviv

Eshed is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes photography, video and sound, installations, mixed media and light objects. After photography and interior design studies at the School of Visual Arts in 1996-97, she earned a BFA in photography and video at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2001). Tal continued her studies at Lesley University-Israel Extension and graduated with an MA in Expressive Art Therapies (2007). During those years, she had four solo shows and participated in numerous group shows and festivals around the world. As of October 2013 Eshed has become a part of Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery's artists. Her first solo show solo show was taken in January 2015.

Tal Eshed’s studies in film editing, jewelry design, fashion design, and different methods of alternative medicine and aquatic water practice, come to fruition in her multimedia installations. She works with materials such as the human body, nature and enigmatic surrealistic images, as she strives to study philosophical and spiritual issues involving the delicate relations between all creation. Her travels and personal philosophy are reflected in her art.

Eshed’s work deals with the links between art and spirituality in a conscious way. She works in different dimensions simultaneously bringing up inner dialogues and raising questions about the mystery of creation. She is influenced by the philosophies of both East and West, looking for balance and links between the ongoing cycle of life – death – rebirth and beyond

In her attempts to work on the interface of art and spirituality, she works in many layers and across dimensions to unfold the image of wholeness over time and space, challenging the continuity of being. Like an alchemist, she is constantly searching for transformation — of the space, the images, and the material she uses in her art.  The body and soul journey is realized again in the complex relation with nature and the universe, constituting the great mystery of existence. In an endless search for the entry point – the still moment between each breath – there is a possibility for the unknown to be discovered.

Eshed works with the idea of the inter-dimension of time and space, and at the same time, the polarity of the “now” being the only solid thing that is in constant change, flowing like water, being created and formed, like music. Music has no destination, there is no hurry to finish a composition; it is a pattern to which we listen and enjoy it as it unfolds in the same way that water does not go anywhere. All of Nature understands wholeness, striving to live in harmony side by side with all creatures. The main thing is to be wide awake to the here and now…everything is vibrating, everything is energy. Every moment in life can be experienced and perceived in endless ways, “breathing in” is a gift from Creation, “breathing out” back to Mother Earth, is our gift to create and share with others.

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